New normal community project of social, cultural, and economic community for Web 3.0 Creators and Fans


As a Web 3.0 Creator Fandom community platform, LM NOVA allows creators and fans to freely create and share digital content. Utilizing blockchain technology, user participation and operation is processed fair and transparently, and users are fully compensated according to their contribution. Through such a process, LM NOVA will become a sustainable community based on trust and cooperation.


playNomm, the first DApp of LeisureMetaverse project, provides added value to the NFTs.

LM Wallet

LM Wallet is a service provided to manage user addresses and assets within the LeisureMetaverse ecosystem. LM Wallet is used to count user activities and its derived values, and to reward LM tokens to active users.

Since LM Wallet, based on blockchain technology, allows users to verify themselves without third-party verification, user addresses within the ecosystem will act as a verification of user identity and ultimately an avatar of themselves.

LM TwinCity

LM TwinCity aims at establishing the infrastructure as an intersection of metaverse and the real world, where members may radiate their creativity infinitely. Digital assets of LeisureMetaverse will come to life and attain new values within the LM TwinCity.

DApp Ecosystem

LM tokens, existing both in the LeisureMeta and Ethereum chain, will be expanded into more network standards to provide inter-network experiences, and will be increased in value and usability through allowing interaction between new DApp services within the expanded network.

DAO Community

LeisureMetaverse guarantees trust and cooperation between members through DAO. Through the original LeisureMetaverse blockchain and A2E incentive model, users’ voluntary participation and activity will be encouraged, which will be fairly compensated.

The LeisureMetaverse DAO community pursues an open service where newly created DAO communities and the DAO of previous global NFT projects are accepted in the LeisureMetaverse ecosystem.

Token Economics



  • 2018 1Q

    Develop LeisureMeta Chain

  • 2019

    Develop LeisureMeta Chain Wallet

  • 2020

    Develop and apply NFT feature

  • 2021 3Q

    Organize NFT marketplace playNomm service flow

  • 2021 4Q

    LeisureMeta Listed on Cashierest
    Develop NFT marketplace playNomm

  • 2022 1Q

    Implement Multiple Key Pairing Module for LeisureMeta Chain

  • 2022 2Q

    LeisureMeta Listed on Lbank
    Beta launch of NFT marketplace playNomm
    Open NFT Creative Labs

  • 2022 3Q

    Official launch of NFT marketplace playNomm and Season 1 NFT

  • 2022 4Q

    Official sale of Season 1 NFT in playNomm
    Implement LeisureMeta-Ethereum Bridge

  • 2023 1Q

    LeisureMeta Listed on Bithumb & Gate.io
    Launch Creator fandom community LM NOVA

  • 2023 2Q

    Start development of LM Wallet
    Achieve launching of three playNomm NFT seasons

  • 2023 3Q

    Reach 100K LM NOVA users

  • 2023 4Q

    Official launch of LM Wallet

  • 2024 1Q

    Organize and develop LM NOVA DAO governance system

  • 2024 2Q

    Develop LM NOVA DAO governance system

  • 2024 3Q

    Test operation of LM NOVA DAO governance system

  • 2024. 4Q

    Apply LM NOVA DAO governance system


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Designed to overcome
limitations of existing platforms


Tendermint and HotStuff algorithm integrated into a byzantine fault tolerant protocol with usability and instant finality

UTXO & Account
Mixed Data Structure

Mixed data structure of the UTXO structure of Bitcoin and the Account structure of Ethereum. The structure record the UTXOs of all the accounts in the form of Modified Merkle Patricia Trie inside the block.

It implies that the blockchain constantly memorize the latest state and can verify new transaction request without synchronizing the old blocks. The validity of the whole new block can be verified with the latest verified block data only.

As a result, new nodes can participate verification of a new block immediately after synchronizing the latest block data.

Orderless Transaction

Transactions in the blockchain must be ordered to avoid double-spending.
The ordering of intra-block transactions requires a substantial level of computation power.
LeisureMetaverse Blockchain reduced the block time and eliminated orderings between transactions in the block.

Multiple Key Pairing

In LeisureMetaverse Blockchain, a user can generate multiple private keys interlocking with a single address.

Each private key corresponds to the individual device being used by the user.

All private keys are encrypted and stored in a non-exportable form inside the device.