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We are building

New-dimensional playground

Beyond a mere combination of the metaverse and the real world


NFT Marketplace 2.0

Collect irreplacable digital assets with artistic value and immense usefulness in an easy to use NFT marketplace that LeisureMetaverse provides to widen NFT landscape


LeisureMetaverse provides an infrastructure where the members can infinitely radiate their creativity in the blank space.

In metaverse, the members can be accommodated in a contactless manner within a wider information-metabolism range.

Own Your Estate
Play with Community
Earn Reward

Blockchain TwinCity

Blockchain TwinCity, a place to allow the real use of the digital assets, is an hub of LeisureMetaverse where the members will get the real-life services and digital assets will create a whole new value.

LeisureMetaverse Wallet

LeisureMetaverse Wallet is a gateway to LeisureMetaverse ecosystem, allowing users to easily access DApps without any additional identification process. Through LM wallet, users will be rewarded according to the activities and value they create within LeisureMetaverse ecosystem.

In LeisureMetaverse, a wallet address is not just a location where personal assets are gathered, but it's an avatar expressed by digital assets.

DApp Ecosystem

To mediate utilities and values over the numerous existing blockchain networks, LeisureMetaverse will expand the boundaries of LM token to more networks and standards. LM tokens will have new usages through the interaction with the new DApp services on the newly bridged blockchain network.

DAO Community

LeisureMetaverse organizes its members in the form of a DAO to ensure trust and cooperation among them. LeisureMetaverse returns the value created by DAO to its contributor using LeisureMetaverse blockchain and incentive model.

The DAO community of LeisureMetaverse will be a wide open service that embraces DAOs created by LeisureMetaverse as well as existing NFT DAO communities.

Token Economics





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Designed to overcome
limitations of existing platforms


Tendermint and HotStuff algorithm integrated into a byzantine fault tolerant protocol with scalability and instant finality

UTXO & Account
Mixed Data Structure

Mixed data structure of the UTXO structure of Bitcoin and the Account structure of Ethereum. The structure record the UTXOs of all the accounts in the form of Modified Merkle Patricia Trie inside the block.

It implies that the blockchain constantly memorize the latest state and can verify new transaction request without synchronizing the old blocks. The validity of the whole new block can be verified with the latest verified block data only.

As a result, new nodes can participate verification of a new block immediately after synchronizing the latest block data.

Orderless Transaction

Transactions in the blockchain must be ordered to avoid double-spending.
The ordering of intra-block transactions requires a substantial level of computation power.
LeisureMetaverse Blockchain reduced the block time and eliminated orderings between transactions in the block.

Multiple Key Pairing

In LeisureMetaverse Blockchain, a user can generate multiple private keys interlocking with a single address.

Each private key corresponds to the individual device being used by the user.

All private keys are encrypted and stored in a non-exportable form inside the device.